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My Baby Sister

May 23, 2011
By iwriter42 GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
iwriter42 GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
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This beautiful mountain top
Niagara Falls
Never been here before
My baby sister and I
But it’s incredible
The trees, the leaves
The flowers, the bees
The water, the waterfall
The sky, the clouds
The grass, the dirt
I can see all the colors of the rainbow
And then some

A Cardinal bird on a tree branch
My beaten up hi-tops
A hot air balloon in the distant sky
A kayak bobbing up and down in the river below
The bright sun that lights up the day
The little bees that buzz around the ground
The luscious grass that is scattered around the rocks
The tops of the trees that can touch the sky
The stunningly bright sky
The sloshing water below the bridge
The tiny flowers that are scattered in the grass
My waterproof windbreaker
The rocky mountain top
Shining fish below in the water
The wooden steps we’re walking on
The wide, mossy tree trunks

All these wonderful things
You’re my little sister
I love showing you these things
But I wish you could see them
Like I do
I love you, baby sister
I wish you hadn’t been born that way
I wish I had been born like that instead
You don’t recognize these colors
But in your heart you know
I wish I was blind
Like you are
Let me suffer
I don’t care
Baby, why can’t you see this?
You never will
But the world doesn’t care
The world will never care
I care
I care
Baby, why can’t you see this?

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