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That's Why I Love You

May 24, 2011
By YouMakeMeSmile SILVER, Atlanta, Indiana
YouMakeMeSmile SILVER, Atlanta, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

The open wound on my heart,
Was never going to heal.
I felt pain every day:
Until the day I met you.

You opened my eyes to things
I couldn’t see:
Made me feel more alive than anyone had even
Come close to doing.

You’ve always been there for me:
Hold my hand and call me
When I’m upset, even if
You have to listen to me
For an hour.

You hold me close:
Like you never want to
Let go.
There’s never a time when I
Feel lonely.

The way we kiss:
Sometimes like we’re nervous,
Or scared,
Or really excited.

You always compliment me:
Saying I’m sweet and gorgeous,
Knowing I think you’re crazy!

You always disagree with what I say:
There’s rarely a time when you’re
95% of the time,
It’s me
Who messed up.

You say my smile is bright.
Enough to liven up a room.

You say I’m really random.
But sweet while doing it.

You say you love how my voice
Is quiet after I try not to be
After I know I was.

You love how I just have fun with life.
I never take things too seriously.

There’s so much I love about you, so much we love about each other.

We both have our flaws,
Every relationship has it’s ups and downs,
but you know what?

That’s why I love you.

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