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The Empty Space

May 24, 2011
By YouMakeMeSmile SILVER, Atlanta, Indiana
YouMakeMeSmile SILVER, Atlanta, Indiana
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My broken heart is beating,
It feels so much pain.
Knowing you are leaving,
Never coming back again.

It whispers in my ear,
“You know where he went.”
Somewhere where I hoped,
He’d never be sent.

I hide my tears;
I can’t let them show.
For yes, I know,
Where he did go.

What we had was beautiful,
Such radiant glory,
What we had was beautiful,
My favorite love story.

No one can take that from us,
No matter how hard they try.
I’ll hold your love close to me,
Until the day I die.

I’ll fill the empty spaces,
With memories we shared.
Baby I have to admit,
I am really scared.

We were both so small,
Both of us so young.
and on my wall’s your picture,
that has always hung.

I can’t take it down,
I miss you way too much.
Please don’t cry in Heaven,
This picture is my crutch.

I don’t know much of death,
But this I truly know:
You’re my one and only love
And I'll never let you go.

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