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June 8, 2011
By DawnKrenn PLATINUM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
DawnKrenn PLATINUM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Innocence flows life through my sunken veins,
and beats my charred heart crimson red.

Wails of new life,
Interrupt my aching weeps,
from a life blown into darkness.

First steps,
sew me up with hope.
Belly chuckles tattle,
on the pitter patter of tip toes.
Wide gummy grins soothe the aching heart,
beneath my ribs.

Binkies are sucked,
to the rhythm of crashing thunder-
a song of green summers,
full of tender wonders.

Tiny bare feet,
sway to their own beat,
they jive away my worries,
and imprint patience upon my lips.

White plastic teacups wrapped in red roses,
cancel out brown glass bottles,
stormed throughout,
my pain littered past.

Humid currents of raspberry kisses,
moisten my chapped lips.
Shrieks and squeals,
echo in gusts of wind,
and interrupt my racing thoughts.

Blue-eyed silhouettes wait patiently at tea time,
and bask in prickly green grass.
Spindly fingers intertwine with imaginary friends,
to paint God’s blue canvas with imagination.

Cracked wax crayons, color dry grass purple,
and shade pale skies pink.
Blue and black ink tattoo small rug burned knees.
Paint brushes twirl and swirl lost cities into rainbows,
and paint smiley faces on my jaded soul.

Boo-boos and imaginary bruises,
heal beneath ticklish Band-Aid kisses.
The boulders of routine slide off my chest,
and are replaced with purpose.

Fingerprints full of grit and grime,
steady shaky palms of mine.
Bear hugs squeeze me back together,
with golden honey glue
to heal the cracks,
of a life under pressure.

Innocence swiftly jogs beside,
a weaving two- wheel bike,
with eyes blind to endless flaws.
It’s fearless grace,
boosts my bruised legs,
back onto grass stained pedals-
to try again,
on the boulevard of second chances.

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