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I've Got to Trust Myself

June 24, 2011
By shapeshifter56 GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
shapeshifter56 GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Can't think straight
Can't think straight
Can't think straight
I've got homework to do
About an entire summer's worth
I've got sisters to take care of
Four or really five
Depending on how you look at things
I've got a computer to fix
The very same one
With every writing piece I've ever written
Every photograph I've ever taken
Every memory I've ever made
I've got a lost friend to guide
He's sort of an acquaintance though
Don't know how I'm going to get him to
Trust me
I've got my first year of high school to prepare for
As the freak that even the other freshmen don't get
And never will
I've got a guy to impress
Really, it's two though
Counting the one I never gave up on
And never will
So, I guess that makes it one again?
I've got a book to finish
To publish
The book that I've been writing for two years
And is now awaiting its death sentence
On my broken computer
I've got pain to release
Years worth of memories I don't want to remember
I've got friends to keep up with
Sometimes they're way ahead of me
And I can't catch up
Sometimes they fall behind me
And I just can't slow down and wait for them
I've got guidance to listen to
Signs to notice
Roads to take
But I've also got stress
Which puts me in a frenzy
Makes me fear things I shouldn't
I've got to clear out my head
There's fifty-six million thoughts running through it
And when I try to clear them out,
My impatience gets the best of me
I've got to calm down
Take a deep breath
I've got to go with the flow,
Move on,
And trust myself

The author's comments:
This is for everyone out there who lets stress get the best of them. This is for everyone who forgets that everything will be okay.

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