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Behind Her Smile

June 30, 2011
By wavesofwishes GOLD, Drummond, Wisconsin
wavesofwishes GOLD, Drummond, Wisconsin
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Behind her smile
Lies a world of unknown.
Faceless, unrecognizable horrors
Of which she dares not speak.

Behind her smile
Are bitten, gnawed lips
Hiding insecurities she’s too
Strong to show

Behind her insecurities
Lie under-eye circles
The aftermath of sleepless nights
Spent in fear and loneliness

Behind her weariness
Are teardrops too afraid, too ashamed to justly fall
From broken promises
In which she’ll admit she believed

Behind her wrongful beliefs
Are bruises, scars that run deep
From the wrong trust
In the wrong person, the wrong time

Behind the thousand wrongs
Are a million rights
Right person right time right heart
Unbroken in the right moment

Behind her unbroken heart
Is the hope for days
With no insecurities
No weariness
No frightened teardrops
No broken promises
No scars

But for now
Behind a beautiful smile
She will mask the wrongpersonrightmoment
Scary beautiful insecure magic world.
And with a beautiful smile
Give it a little more
Hope for a
Rightmomentrightperson day.

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