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Manic Calm

July 27, 2011
By G.J.Dillon GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
G.J.Dillon GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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"Buy the ticket, take the Ride"-Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

The other side of this wall is eating away at me
To be honest, my eyes have glazed over enough, I don't even need to blink anymore.
Sitting in the night, silent and still from fright, just me, a cigarette and a streetlightht, the trinity melts together and holds tight.
Emotions flow and fade away while the clock ticks down to the end of the day where I crash land devastated and there to stay, out on the fray of reality to suffer and play.
A carcrash, a day-dream, an apostasy and a felony
reverse the ride to counter the tide, die inside to cast the die, to live and to fry, to love or to try.

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