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September 10, 2011
By lab96 SILVER, Mission, Other
lab96 SILVER, Mission, Other
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You got enemies? Good, means you stood up for something you care about.

One thing that shocks me daily,
is how much one changes over a short period of time.
Bestfriends one daym enemies the next.

And whats scary is,
when you reflect on yourself.
And notice how much you yourself have changed.
I look at pictures of myself from just a few months ago, even just weeks.
And I know it's me in the picture,
but it feels like an entirely diffrent person.
I barely recognize myself thse days.
And I appear to be happy, feel happy.

Now that, that scares me.

The author's comments:
This is my epiphany, that I had over the last little while. I think that this piece is a little scatterbrained, but it does have a good point.

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