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September 30, 2011
By Gnome94 SILVER, Cottreville Township, Michigan
Gnome94 SILVER, Cottreville Township, Michigan
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It’s an icy November night.
A little girl stands alone,
Outlined by the starlight,
Her pain clearly shown.

I asked “What’s wrong?”
She just stared at me.
Her pain prolong
Like she drank from a salty sea.

“Mommy?” she asked.
“Can Daddy see the stars?”
Her simple question was a solo blast
Opening my newly sealed scars.

When the men arrived at my door
Wearing their dress blues.
I quickly hit the ground floor
Right beneath her shoes.

I did my best to explain to her
The best a newly single mother could do.
I tried to tell her but it came out in a slur
It’s like the subject became taboo.

I told her to repeat after me,
With questions in her eyes she did.
My voice rang out in middle C
And down my face tears slid.

Star light Star bright
The first star I see tonight
I wish I may I wish I might
Have the star I wish tonight

Now make a wish my love
Wish for Daddy to see your stars
She looked towards Heaven above
And asked Daddy to erase my scars.

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