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Broken Soul

October 19, 2011
By Chalaza SILVER, Woodstock, New York
Chalaza SILVER, Woodstock, New York
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You held my soul in the palm of your hand
Be careful
I said
You dropped it

Sweep up the pieces before you leave for the night
I won’t be needing them
Brush them into the trash can
The casual abyss of unwanted objects
Expired materials that could not be salvaged

The shattered soul is like broken glass
Too many pieces have skittered under the bed
Dust has risen
Into the air
Tangible with the tears
That hang suspended
Behind that old music stand
In the corner of my room

The silent scream echoes around the room
Like silence
Pain is the piano that is played in F minor
It stands solitary
In the slowly dying sun
The pieces of my soul
But forever apart
On the ground

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