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The days of our lives

October 25, 2011
By Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Shannah GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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It all began when we were ten. We became friends. We played in the dirt, we even got hurt. All this we did together. We would get rough, boy you were tough. We learned to get along.

On my 16th birthday, you went out of your way to say 'I love you'. 'I always had loved you', I replied. 'So why don't we go out? We can hold hands'. You said. I almost cried as my reply. Instead I had this lump in the middle of my chest. I smiled and said,'I like this present the best'. So as we walked hand and hand out of my house, I thought to myself I knew this was coming. My smile grew broader in spite of myself.

On my 26th birthday, you got on your knees and said, 'Baby please, marry me'. I said to myself this man is the best. I said, 'YES!'. You hugged me as I clung to your chest.

On my 76th birthday, you were long gone. I knew it was near. I didn't want it to be here. As I sit on our couch, dressed in all black. I think back to the times you were here. I loved you so much, just as much as I miss you. I pick up the letter you left me. I open it as my tears fall open with the letter. You wrote:

I love you my dear. Please do not fear we will be together again someday. Just rememder the days of our lives.

With all my love xoxo,

Your love

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