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A letter to the heavens

October 30, 2011
By lovenhim SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
lovenhim SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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So it's been 1 year,an 3 days.My eye's looked at you,laying there.no movement,no sound.Laying there cold.I still remember that red dress with sparkle's, that dress you hated so much.I heard people talking but I didn't hear the words.I didn't know what was going on I thought I was in a bad nightmare.So I went up there an touched your cold still hand.I remember thinking why can't I cry,is it wrong to not be crying.But now all i do is cry and hurt inside when i think about you.you were my best friend my sister, my right hand.I thought we were going to grow up an go to the same collage and the same nursing home together.I thought I was going to be your bridesmaid.But i guess i'm just going to have to live off our memories.But as time fades so does my memories.But i guess god needed you up in heaven,but i wish i can build stairs up to heaven so we can have one more day,one more hug,one more conversation.I wish i can just talk to you because no one understands me like you do.no one knows what to do when i'm hurt and angry.But now your my guradian angel.I guess we'll eventually be together,but until then.
I love you.

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