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Save Me From This Twisted Mess, Life

November 28, 2011
By Gumballlover BRONZE, Homer, New York
Gumballlover BRONZE, Homer, New York
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"The things that may come may not be beautiful, they may not be perfect. But they're for you. HAVE FAITH"

The wind swept though my hair.
This had happened again.
It’s never fair,
Having too many twist and turns.
Never letting you take the right way.
Turning their backs.
Stabbing you with a cool metal blade.
Wanting to escape this mess,
Almost anyone can understand.
Take this strand,
From my heart.
Keep it,
Protect it.
Though day and dark.
Keep my soul,
For now and ever.
Don’t let this relationship sever.
I like you,
You like me.
This will end so badly.
Take my hand,
Take it now.
Protect me,
From the cool shades that may fall.
I’ll hold you,
So you should hold me.
Protect me,
Love me,
Take the memories I shall never see.
Take care of me.
And I’ll let you see what might be.

The author's comments:
All of this stuff comes from what I feel at moments in time. I may post 10 of these in one day. I hope you like it!

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