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December 3, 2011
By missliss SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
missliss SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
sometimes strength is not measured by holding on to something, but by letting go.

Stuck in a rut, out of your groove?
Don’t sit down, you gotta move.
Sulking in shame is not something to do,
In this battle you gotta fight through.

Curve ball thrown, you’re off your game,
You’re scared things won’t be the same.
Instead of taking the pitch, adjust your swing,
You gotta hit whatever life will bring.

Shattered esteem, your pride turned to pity,
Helpless like a country girl in a big city.
You need to find your way somehow,
Not later, not tomorrow, but now.

Numbers against you, the resistance is high,
Desperate for anyone to be your ally.
Feel like you have the world on your shoulder,
But you’re your future’s only beholder.

The ropes are tied, you feel restrained,
Inside your mind you are contained.
Don’t let your head fill up with doubt,
Untie the knots and find a way out.

You can move fast, you can even move slow,
You can move somewhere you don’t know.
Moving anywhere is better than staying still.
First fine your heart, find your will.

You’ll have your fair share of smiles and frowns.
The road of life has its ups and downs.
When faced with nowhere to go at a dead end,
Move! Your life is yours to defend.

So don’t throw the towel, don’t wave the white flag,
You can’t give up just because you hit a snag.
Show the world you’ve got something to prove,
Forwards or backwards, you gotta move.

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