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She says...

November 24, 2011
By Brittbyheart SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
Brittbyheart SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
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No matter what you do in life, in the end, the only person that will take impact is you.

Dear Cary,

I have been meaning to write, honestly, it is just a busy life, you see. My friend, says I should not hang out with you.

She says you live almost six hours away, but that means nothing to me when the phone is in my hand.

She says you are no good for me, but what does she know about good, for she never met you.

She says you are too old, but sir, since when did we stop loving God for his age?

She says you will never be able to tell me how much you love me, but love is shown; not heard.
She says you will never be able to hear me call your name, but no names need to be said when you are by my side.

She says you and I are not made for each other, but two negatives turn into one positive.

She says you do not deserve a girl like me, but I belong to you.

She says you need to leave, but it is hard to when I am stuck on your side

She says a lot of things to me, but Cary, that will never change the way I love you. Never.

The author's comments:
Cary...he is just...everything. He has always been there for me through everything, and no matter what, I will always love him. (for whom I may confused, he is deaf, so the "never be able to tell(hear)" puts part in why I love him so).

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