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November 30, 2011
By Resonating_Words SILVER, Dallas, Texas
Resonating_Words SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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For all of the ears I reach,
Take a moment, close your eyes.
Two influences whisper persuading words,
One reins on either side.
To the left, what is dark within,
On the right, a coveted divine.
"Do whatever it takes," one coaxes,
The other, "No, follow what is light"
And in this opposition, comes mankind's greatest plight.

To fear, or not to fear?
To speak out or hold our tongue.
To risk ourselves for the better of the masses,
Or shield ourselves, ensuring safety of the one?

Across from light you will find shadow,
Co-dependent, they are meaningless alone.
And together is how they are found,
In each of us, in our core.
And in this contradiction,
We find the overlooked piece of lore

Left or right, this or that,
With one there is not the other.
Caught in endless limbo we are,
Reaching for grace, hiding sin from another
To one we must commit,
But this allegiance cannot be pure
For no one person is perfect,
And none are consumed by flaw.

Fallen angels, risen demons,
Washed upon Earth's shore.
For left or right, this or that,
The high road or the lower,
Endless, desperate choices must be made.
This much, we are assured.

Left or right, this or that,
Opposites we must endure.
For we are all made of both,
Hidden in the core

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