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You Were Beautiful

January 4, 2012
By MaroonLove BRONZE, Centerville, Massachusetts
MaroonLove BRONZE, Centerville, Massachusetts
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You have this way of living
This way of moving
This way of breathing
This way had me believing
That your way was
Sort of beautiful

You have this way of speaking
Of forming those words
And I
Never believed that I was stupid
You changed my mind
But your words
Are wildly beautiful

You have this way with your body
Your fingers could heal
Your touch is unreal
But it looks could kill
I'd live because you
You never look at me
But your body
Is breathtakingly beautiful

You have this way of lying
Because I know you know my body
And you know I know your words
And we know our lives
And our secret
Was a kind of beautiful

You have this way of pretending
You say secrets
You say someday
But oh it is so cruel
How with your way
I am only sometimes beautiful

You have this way of leaving
I know your voice
Because I listen when you speak
And I know your body because
I've seen it at it's peak
But you are always walking away
And giving up on you
Was also
Terribly beautiful

I have this way
Because though you saw through every struggle
And you'd brighten up my day
I'd fooled myself because I had the will
But I never found the way
But you were always
More than just
Sort of beautiful

The author's comments:
This one is for you, Little Jay

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