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January 7, 2012
By Chalaza SILVER, Woodstock, New York
Chalaza SILVER, Woodstock, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"I lived to write, and wrote to live." ~Samuel Rogers

Longing for summer dresses, tossing waves
Things that take too long to arrive
Hints of impatience
That I can’t manage to hide
Books that I haven’t yet read
I loved you first
The scent of incense that trails
In the breezy room
Through off-white curtains
Marbles on wood
Long days that end with pink-streaked skies

Longing for easy mac
The lone frog that sat on the rock
And seemed to not be living
Until the net came down
And with a splash
It was gone
For cheerios hidden under pillows
The lion we once had
Designing rooms
Writing about a girl and her kitten
Laughing so hard that the scene was filmed ten times

Longing for sing-alongs
Long carrides
Almost getting hit by a car
To get to my favorite store
Ten seconds faster
Pulling over to watch the fireworks
That erupted into the sky
Singing loudly on the street
To music only we could hear
Wearing sunglasses at night
And looking ridiculous doing it

Longing for the way things once were
And the way things
Will be

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