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January 3, 2012
By RonNesha SILVER, McGehee, Arkansas
RonNesha SILVER, McGehee, Arkansas
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Better keep yourself clean and bright;you are the window through which you see the world!

They say what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
Then it hits them like a clap of thunder
They say words will never hurt them
In reality words hurt more than anything
People say they know what youre going through when they havent even began to feel your pain
Why should you smile when your whole world is tumbling down
Why should you live when a part of you is so far gone
Losing someone isnt suppose to be so hard
Guess life wasnt what you thought afterall
Why should you enjoy life when everytime you start to something comes like a hurricane and tears it apart
No one ever said life would be so hard
No one said you would have to face so many ups and downs
Never knew you would be suicidal
Never knew you could be so denial
Came from positive to negative
From good to bad
Life is knocking you down
How do you come back around
Thought friends were suppose to care
Thought family was suppose to share
Feels like youre trapped in hell
Taking a trip in your own cell
So many say they love you
So many say they care
When your down and out all they do is stand and stare
After youve lost so much it seems like youve failed
Belief is gone
How do you not let it show
With all the pain
Everything going down the drain
No one knows how you feel
Holding that gun in your hand
One pull to the trigger and life as you know it will end
One mistake can ruin your life
Success is so much stress
Behind closed doors it can all be a mess
You have to decide whether you wanna live or not
Is all the hurt and pain worth ending your life
Is there ever going to be a brighter day
At times you wanna say forget it
There has to be something worth getting it
In the end the decision is yours
What will you do behind closed doors
Role models are great but how do you know if theyre real or fake
You thought you could trust them but it just feels like youve lost it
Someone has cancer
Someone has aids
One leg or one arm
Could this all be a phase
Life is never what you thought it would be
Its just full of reality
You go from frowning to smiling
Complaining to exclaiming
You have to go through something in life
To make it through the hurt and pain
Thoughts are racing through your head
Feels like youre already dead
When you look up to the sky
You just wanna fly high
How could one person be so far away
After youve connected so much that day
Trust is so hard to do
When youve been through
Feels like youre at the edge of a cliff waiting for a breeze
All it takes is a little sneeze
Sometimes you wanna get away from the world
Sometimes youre gonna fail
Who said friends were gonna be real
All some do is be fake and steal
Feels like your heart is shattered to pieces
How do you change your life
How do you strive for the best
This is all so much stress
Eventually reality hits
And it all comes to you
You have to smile through thick and thin
Have enough confidence not to be suicidal
Now you dont have to face denial
Cry all you need to
Holding it in will only get under your skin
Dont be afraid to take the challenge
Live life to the fullest while you have that chance

The author's comments:
For the first time in my life I finally stopped and realized that I had what it took to maybe do something good no matter what I have been through.

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