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What Apparently Seems Ordinary MAG

January 24, 2012
By Jen02012 PLATINUM, Kensington, Maryland
Jen02012 PLATINUM, Kensington, Maryland
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when we are created we were made ugly. but given the ability to create something that we could not posess, that is beauty. that is why art is important-a friend.

An ordinary Experience of life,
So it would always Seem.
A life with Ordinary Leaves,
Randomly placed on Ordinary Trees.

A capture of Ordinary Skies,
Melted together with Ordinary Greens –
And some Ordinary Sea –
Past illustrations of how ordinary life –
Was previously Seen.

Years have added some “Ordinary” War.
Years have added some “Ordinary” Gore.
Years have added some “Ordinary” Sin.
Regretfully Now –
These are All seen as ordinary Happenings.

The ordinary Car-Crashes-into that ordinary Tree.
The ordinary Plane-Falls-from that capture of ordinary skies.
The ordinary Being-Dies-onto those ordinary Greens,
And the ordinary Ship-Sinks-within that
ordinary Sea.
These used to be Unordinary things.
Until the moment He saw that Ordinary Life as something –
No Longer – Interesting.

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