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Beautiful Boy

January 7, 2012
By Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
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I close my eyes and I see him again
The beautiful boy from my memory
One from a time I don't remember when
But I can not forget, that he used to like me

He is tall and handsome
With a sing-song voice that silences birds
When he calls my name, I will always come
To describe his looks, there are hardly words

His arms around me, muscles rippling
In his caress, I feel safe and secure
And i am always, always, smiling
I can not escape his charm and allure

His dazzling smile puts the sun to shame
When he shines its glorious light
Every time I call his wonderful name
It obscures the stars that shine so bright

His laugh that rings loud in my ears
As he approaches, chuckling at me
My heartbeat increasing as he slowly nears
The world around us blurs and he is all I see

His bleach blond hair
A golden halo rimming his timeless face
He is too wonderful
He is my beautiful boy

Fair skin, effortless, flawless
Visible radiance, with his own soft glow
At first glance, you would never guess
That he is the other part of our dynamic duo

He's got a cute button nose, sweet, soft lips
I open my mouth, I have something to say
I frown at him with my hands on my hips
And I say "I hope you never get away"

He looks straight into me
With his bright blue eyes like the sky
Gently caressing the Caribbean Sea
As we kiss, the world holds only him and I

Too good to be real
Yet his existence is more concrete
To me than the sidewalks I travel each day
Than the walls surrounding me,
covered in mementos
Of our time, gone by too fast.

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