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January 28, 2012
By kaylala_22 PLATINUM, Hillsboro, Missouri
kaylala_22 PLATINUM, Hillsboro, Missouri
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"A beautiful personality shines brighter than any pretty face"

I wonder why
I was stuck with this life
Where the extra weight
Is unavoidable
Where the stares
Turn away from me
Where I die a little inside
Everytime the scale tells me what I am
Which is all I am
I wonder why
I can't be pretty like the rest
Where they have high cheekbones
And big, long-lashed eyes
Where they have slight shoulders
And long, thin legs
Which is what I don't have
I wonder why
I have to feel this way
Where I'm not good enough for myself
And not in the leagues of others
Where I can't look in the mirror
And not see something missing
Which is my confidence
All the time

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on Feb. 21 2012 at 2:45 pm
MidnightWriter SILVER, Ontario, Other
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Writers are a less dangerous version of the career criminal. Everywhere they go, they see the potential for the perfect crime. The difference is that writers have better self control.

Good point of view here. I can almost imagine how the person must feel.