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February 22, 2012
By a-head-full-of-words GOLD, Hollywood, Florida
a-head-full-of-words GOLD, Hollywood, Florida
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“He must increase, but I must decrease.”- John 3:30

I want to ride a horse barefoot through meadows of stringy green grass

Clamber aboard the back of an elephant, the trunk swinging merrily to and fro

Sway side to side on the hips of a camel, marching through golden sands

Admire the newspaper stripes of a zebra

I want to move through life

Moving too and fro, swaying gently

Like an ancient belly dancer

Experience the dips and curves of the ground

As my hair streams back in the wind

And sweat dries on my neck


You cannot experience

This kind of dance

Inside a car

As the hoofbeats plod out their rhythm

My body subconsciously

Bending and acclimating to the pattern

As my mind flies to other lands

The movement calms my mind

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