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February 23, 2012
By AllenStovall PLATINUM, Port Lavaca, Texas
AllenStovall PLATINUM, Port Lavaca, Texas
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Trickle!Treakle!fickle thing.
The sweet hymm of a youthhful stream.

Rushing! Racing! Running! Gush!
Swiftly sweeping! Flowing! Hush.
The sweet melody of a rivers rush.

Crashing! Crushing! Bashing! Cascading!
Falling! Diving! beutiful! captivating.
The majestic roar of a waterfall racing.

Sludge. Trudge. Barely budge.
Dirt. Trash. A halfhearted nudge.
The mournful keening of a river leaving.

The author's comments:
this i about a polluted river and i gave it onamatopia to bring the peice life. hope ya'll like it

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