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Poems Are...

March 5, 2012
By A.Raven.Is.Like.A.Writing.Desk PLATINUM, Caledonia, Mississippi
A.Raven.Is.Like.A.Writing.Desk PLATINUM, Caledonia, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
If zombies attack us..im tripping u
If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will go through life thinking its stupid.
If you love somthing then let it go, if it doesn't come back it was never yours.
I'm scared to fall and be dropped.

Poems are the scars
Up and down my arms
Poems are
the scare tissue
Not to cause
Any alarm
Before poems were my outlet
For anger strife and hatred
I usually used
The blade of a knife
To fix it
Sometimes I still cut
When talking's not enough
And cause finding someone to talk to
That I trust
Is always tough
So now you've read my past
I hope that you don't mind
So now you know my present
I hope
You won't
My kind

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