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The Deepest Pits Of Hell

February 27, 2012
By ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
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there is nothing to fear except fear itself

This is the end. It’s over and done with. I’m all alone now so who can I compare with? It sucks so much I want to scream. I’m crying now and I don’t care. I’ve just failed so now I must suffer. These marks are memories, these cuts are real. So I will forever suffer because I cannot heal. My body may heal but the marks will still be there, buried deep in memory where nothing adheres. It’s possible to heal but not for me. My spirit is damaged forever beyond repair. My mind is full and contemplating death. My body is willing the struggle to be over with, and over it may be in a matter of moments. Who knows how it will end, like the end of a play. People may think it’s real or fake. But it will change me because I will be no more. This is it; I’m taking my last breath. I’m willing the silence to come so I can dwell in it. I’m torn in two. You said we would be together forever now you tell me that it’s over, you say were two different people. I’ve got seconds left till it’s over. This is the countdown there is the bell. There won’t be an encore for this my demon won’t allow it. He’s making me do this, he’s forcing my hand. This is it, the final second now stands. It’s too late to change this, I’ve just pulled the trigger, and I’ve planned ahead. I wrote my will. I’m seeing the end; the light at the other side of the falling into the grave, the dirt is falling on top of me, its filling my mouth and my eyes. That was it, all there was to it. But now I hear the screams of the tormented and the cries of the weak. Is this where I’m going? Because I would rather just stay asleep. As I turn the corner the noise grows louder, and I see in front of me things too horrible to be seen in a dream.

From what I see I now feel fear, I know what it means to now feel hopeless. Wishing I could take it back, I stand there and examine the facts. I know this place. I say to myself. I’ve been here before and I called it my one night in hell. But this is different because it’s not for one night and it’s not my dreams. It is for real and for eternity. I know I can’t take this, over again. That one night almost killed me and now I’m here until the end. This giant black angel of death sees me now standing on his door step. He comes over and takes my hand, I try to resist but he won’t give in. he brings me over to my cell and throws me in with two demons from hell. They have whips and chips of bone, and my death here is worse than every second at home. But here I never truly die, because it’s impossible for my spirit to even try. After hours I hear, with them killing me to no end, a sound like a horn being blown from deep within. The demons pick me up with hate still in their eyes, and they take me to a place where there is no compromise.

I’m thrown in this pit with fire all around. Other screams I hear, and that is such an awful sound. I look around me and I see, others being thrown in who are just like me. They have no hope left but they beg none the lease. They scream in pain and cry for mercy from the lord Jesus Christ. But we cannot be saved anymore because the little time we had before ended when we knocked on deaths door. Deep down in this pit time will never ever exist. Where I am right now can feel like a moment in the blink of an eye, or it can take 1000 years to scream one shrill cry

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