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Oh baby girl.

March 16, 2012
By miaq96 SILVER, Karachi, Other
miaq96 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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Oh baby girl this is your dad,
Writing about your whole life,
Baby girl you are so very
dear to me.

It almost feels like yesterday
When you held my hand to walk with me,
But two years have passed by and Now you're on your way to first grade,
Oh baby girl, you don't need by help
to get to the class,
The teacher asks your name,
You look behind for support,
Oh baby girl, at least you still need my support.

Five years have passed...
Oh darling you've grown so big,
Walking to your middle school,
The teacher asks you for your name,
You confidently tell her its Jane,
Oh baby girl, you don't need my help
To check in with the head,
The teacher ask for tuition fee,
You look at me for money,
Oh baby girl, at least you still need me.

Three years passed...
You enter high school,
Oh sweetheart, don't grow up so fast,
The teacher asks for the fees,
But as I reach for my wallet my angel hands her a crisp note,
Oh baby girl, you don't need my help
in the school at all,
I wait all day for her sight thinking
At least I see you every day,
Oh baby girl, you still need my support.

Four years have passed by...
You are heading to college,
Oh baby girl, slow down a bit,
The teachers for the license
but pumpkin gives her instead,
My baby girl, doesn't need my help at all,
But I comfort myself with the thought,
Of my baby girl during summer.
Oh baby girl, you still need my support.

Five more years have passed by...
My baby girl, is getting married,
Only yesterday she was
Learning how to walk with me,
The wedding begins and the music starts,
You walk down the aisle with me,
The wedding ends, you off
To your new life,
Oh, oh baby girl, you don't need me anymore.

there is a new man in your life,
now i need to let you go,
but oh baby girl....you will always be,
my baby girl.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in one go while singing out the words in a country style and I think it should be preserved that way:)

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