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March 26, 2012
By BT1718 PLATINUM, Worthington, Ohio
BT1718 PLATINUM, Worthington, Ohio
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dream as if youll live forever live as if youll die today

Sadness is represented by the color blue
Then I feel blue
I would look like a smurf
If our skin represented our mood
But I can’t let the sadness take control
Can’t let it drive me
I have to mask it

Smile and laugh
Joke and have fun

Even when all I feel like doing is crying
No I can’t
So I write
Write for more to see
More will read and say it’s me
Good for you don’t let that sadness
Control how you act

Smile and laugh
Joke and have fun

But when you’re alone you can let go
But just a little only for a little
Stay strong
Someone will come and break the mask
Break your shell you may cry on their shoulder
But they are those amazing people
That know the sadness
They know how to help
So wait
Stay strong

Smile and laugh
Joke and have fun

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