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March 12, 2012
By Melody777 GOLD, Tonasket, Washington
Melody777 GOLD, Tonasket, Washington
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I close my eyes, and picture the scene, as real as anything...
I’m standing at the top of a staircase, it’s long, curving gracefully to the shining floor below.
I have one gloved hand laid lightly on the polished wood rail, one heeled foot on the top stair.
I pause, adjust the long skirt of my bright red gown, smoothing invisible wrinkles out of the satin.
And then with a deep breath I gather the train of my dress in my empty hand,
the same hand that has a gathering of roses and crystal with red ribbon on the wrist.
I begin my descent, tilting my head slightly to watch my step,
feeling the brush of my long smoothly curled blonde hair brushing my blushing cheekbones.
I step to the slow beat of the music in the background, gradually making my way down the stairs,
one hand sweeping lightly, guiding my way.
I spare a glance to the ceiling above, high above me and dark, but lit with small starry lights,
reflecting off the sparkles in my dress.
And finally my heavily made-up blue eyes are drawn to where I’ve been yearning to look all along.
To the foot of my journey, there’s only one person waiting, back to me, oblivious to my passage.
As I continue down, the movement must catch his eye, he turns slowly in my direction.
Dressed sleekly in black on white, a red tie to match my dress, hair gleaming in the light.
But it’s the look on his face that takes my breath away,
he isn’t smiling, but looks awestruck, as though there’s no place he’d rather be,
no one else he’s rather be with...
than me.
And I finally reach the base of the stair, his hand comes out to take mine, he helps me the last few steps.
And sweeps into a graceful bow over my hand, lightly brushing my wrist with his smooth lips.
And than I smile, the happiest girl in the world all her dreams come true,
and he pulls me close whispers low in my ear,
“you’re beautiful, and I love you, always have, always will.”
And he tilts to me, takes my face in his hands, looks me in the eyes, and kisses me.
And I would stay in this moment for a lifetime, never needing, never wanting, more.

But it’s just a dream,
just the way I want things to be,

Not real, nor reality.
But still as I’m falling asleep, I hear his voice low and slow...

“always will...”

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