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Friend Zone

March 28, 2012
By diamond1996 BRONZE, Pace, Florida
diamond1996 BRONZE, Pace, Florida
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Why cant she see me
Her eyes go right through me

I'm always there, right besides her.
her beauty unmatched by anything

but I'm to nervous to say a word more than usual

That’s the flaw, my fatal flaw
It nags me in my heart,
With a flame ready to start.

I speak to her as usual,
Me and her, friends forever

But there is something more
Ive found my heart skipping beats
Around her I feel the heat

I wish I could tell her, I really do.
But I don’t want to lose her if she says no.

So ill stay quiet and be happy that I have a friend.

Maybe she will see one day that the best guys,
Are in the friend zone.

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