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My heart

April 26, 2012
By babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
babygirl576 PLATINUM, Marion, Michigan
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You lied, and I cried. You're a jerk, so I was hurt. You're a
deceiver, But I was a believer. Sorry I wasted your time, I guess?

I cry myself to sleep thinking
About how you left me
And then you invaded my dreams
But they weren’t nearly as bad as reality
When everything was exactly as it seemed

You left a hole in my heart that will never heal
All I can do is cover it up with happiness and let it seal
Its too bad that word doesn’t exist for me,
So that hole in my chest will remain empty

I think about you as I lay in bed
Running my fingers down the scars that have previously bled

You keep calling me, trying to tell me excuses
But I don’t want to pick up, just set me free
Why should I deserve to live when I don’t even deserve you?
Why cant you see?

I could feel the razor tear apart my skin
Now not even you can save me from my plans
I feel that punishing myself is the only way to say I’m sorry,
For not being strong enough to go on without you

I grabbed a pen and wrote on my arm
“I’m sorry, my life has to end, but I love you”
I figure that I should at least let go of the truth
About how I felt before I went
And I just hope you love me too

I felt the knife tear through my skin
But this time is wasn’t next to my other wounds
And this time, I wouldn’t have a chance to see the blood
I guess you would have to be a pretty special person to me,
If you were the last person I thought about
Before I was finally happy.

The author's comments:
I have been beaten, bruised and scared and i keep taking everything in. I am currently trying to get over my ex yet still in love with her

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