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It's That Time

April 26, 2012
By trangh_64 PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
trangh_64 PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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"No matter how sad or mad I am, deep down in my heart, my only wish is for you to be happy." -Trang

Stand up
Embrace his hug
Welcome his smile
Love his kisses

Hurry up
Throw out the clock
Erase the tears
Grab another spoon

Love has finally come
No more sad love songs
No more painful nights
No more worries

It's that time
When the words turn sweet
The depression dies
And you're the only thing left with me

It's that time
Where lonely night are filled with love
When empty hearts are free to breathe
Winter has ended and my sunshine has come

It's that time when ice cream is shared in celebration rather than to drown out the pain

It's that time when I can finally say...

It's finally my time
to say you're mine
and only mind

It's time when I can truly accept that love exist for me.

The author's comments:
God has sent me someone is wash away the emptiness, sadness, and hopelessness. Love does exist. Keep moving forward.

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