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April 27, 2012
By Brittany316 SILVER, Ny, New York
Brittany316 SILVER, Ny, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"why expect anything? If you don't expect anything you don't get disappointed."

You ask me to look in the mirror and tell you what I see
And I tell you I see neither the pretties nor the smartest girl looking right back at me
I see a girl who lifestyle can’t be accept unless it’s the joke of the hour
I see a girl who wants and crave for attention but gets it in all the wrong ways
I see a girl who surroundings bring her down
I see a girl who wish for the best in life but already know that hopes can only be dreams
I see a girl who eyes right now are screaming help me
So if you can’t don’t ask me to look because it depress me then mess with me and that wouldn’t be good

The author's comments:
its about how some girls might really feel on the inside

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