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True Friends

May 4, 2012
By Born-to-save GOLD, Asheville, North Carolina
Born-to-save GOLD, Asheville, North Carolina
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"Keep acting the way you are. That way when I die for you, I die alone"

I shall not obey the Kings and queens of this world
but I will follow whoever has my heart
even if they lead me to pain
I will follow my instincts
and the ones I trust the most

And even though I'll go through pain
I'll see the worst this world has to offer
I'll see the darkest corners of mans hearts
And I'll see how the kings and queens of others
betray their subjects in the end

But what makes this life worth living
is when you go through all this life
and a select few hold your heart safe and protect it
shelter it from this cruel world
and that the ones I trusted the most
have only proven they deserve it

It is these select few that
among the chaos and confusion
the anger, hate and the cruelty of this world
that are your real friends
just remember that they have your heart
your trust and your respect

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