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Stumble Through

May 24, 2012
By Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
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Continually falling, and falling further

Nothing can stop it once it's initiated

Falling so fast you cant breathe the air

Worst of all, you can never see it coming


Love hits you like a freight train

When you've landed yourself on the tracks

Seemingly random, yet cold and calculated

You stumble through life blind as a bat

Lead by a hunger, an invisible force

However, when you blindly stumble

Upon that one and only person

Whose eyes can reach into you

And take you a thousand miles away,

And whose arms can hold you

So tightly, and so securely,

As their scent takes you home

When only they can make you feel

Like gravity has no hold on you,

It does not, should not, take anything more

Than the softest smile, or a split second glance,

For you to instinctively know

That it wasn't a matter of random chance
That they were made only for you

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