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Little Boy

May 20, 2012
By hedwigy13 PLATINUM, Piscataway, New Jersey
hedwigy13 PLATINUM, Piscataway, New Jersey
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I’ve had this secret quite a while.
But it’s getting rather heavy,
Like carrying bricks for many a mile.

I don’t want anyone to know.
I’m afraid of what’ll happen.
I’m afraid they’ll say no.

You say that no matter what you’ll love me.
But I don’t believe you.
At least not completely.

And my brother, only nine.
How would he react?
Our relationship would be on the line.

And I wouldn’t have a childhood to share.
No photo albums, no cute little anecdotes.
Nothing to tell my kids about. Nothing there.

And besides there’s nothing I can do about it now.
I’d just be stared at as if I were a freak,
And often be met with an occasional frown.

But it’ll come out eventually, this mind-bender.
You’ll have to deal with it.
And understand that I’m transgender.

Please, don’t be upset; share in my joy.
While you might’ve lost your daughter,
Now you’ve got your little boy.

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on Aug. 27 2012 at 10:12 am
VandalSpirit DIAMOND, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
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It was very well-written and I really think the thoughts going through this girl's head are very realistic to what someone in that position would be going through :) I definitely liked it!