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Please Just GO

January 6, 2013
By A.Raven.Is.Like.A.Writing.Desk PLATINUM, Caledonia, Mississippi
A.Raven.Is.Like.A.Writing.Desk PLATINUM, Caledonia, Mississippi
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Favorite Quote:
If zombies attack tripping u
If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will go through life thinking its stupid.
If you love somthing then let it go, if it doesn't come back it was never yours.
I'm scared to fall and be dropped.

I'm me and only me
Not who you want me to be
Or what you want to see
Because happiness is but an illusion
something happens to break my delusions
I know I'm always losing but someone has to
I'm not here nor there nor anywhere
Some come back late when you really care
Because i know you don't so don't pretend
But i will make it to the end
Without your help so don't you say
That i need you to forever stay
Feel free to go I'm perfectly fine
This seems to happen all the tI'me
Its no longer love its turned to lust
Its only want, no longer must
So tell me again that i love you
How do you even know
Just because you say i do
Doesn't mean that i wont go
To leave you in my dust
To run away from here
Ignore your pathetic lust
Whispering so near
I promise not to miss you
So you'll end up missing me
Because you don't know what you have
Until it trues to leavee
So here is what I'm thinking
Here's how its gonna be
There's never "together forever"
There is you and then there is me
I never claI'med to miss you
I never wanted you to stay
I honestly just want to live
For as many as possible days
Ill just live in until its tI'me
For my light to be snuffed out
I'll just continue to be alone
Not knowing what life's about
So go ahead and break my delusional illusions
Ill leavee you in a state of complete and utter confusion
I'll leavee you all of your problems
And forget that you exist
Just a dull old distant memory
And one that wont be missed
It's possible I'm crazy
But its what makes me Me
Which is anything and everything
Its all i want to be

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