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Happiness Is...

January 19, 2013
By nikiiiZ GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
nikiiiZ GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Waking up in the early hours of the morning
And seeing you have five more hours of sleep,
Driving down an empty road
With the windows rolled down in your Jeep.
Coming home after a hard day at school
To kitchen cabinets restocked with more food,
And blasting your favorite song in your room,
Which always puts you in the best mood.
Looking out your window on a January morning
And being greeted by nine inches of fresh snow,
Baking a batch of chocolate-chip cookies with your mom
And getting to eat the remaining cookie dough.
Celebrating your sixteenth birthday with all of your friends,
And blowing out the candles on your cake,
Taking the car, your friends, your bathing suit and some sunscreen
And heading downtown to the lake.
Finishing your very last second semester final
And then screaming with joy "School is over!"
Remembering all the good times you had when you were little,
Playing hide-and-go-seek and Red Rover.
Sleeping in on the Monday of a three day weekend
And staying in your pajamas until three,
Watching all of your favorite Disney princess movies,
Singing along with Sebastian to "Under the Sea."
These are just a few of the things
That may have once filled you with glee,
So the next time you are feeling down,
Think to yourself, "What makes me happy?"

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