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The Sweetest Taste

February 4, 2013
By Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
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A wonderful chill follows with your gentle caress:
Tracing from my fingertips, along my arm to my neck;
Your cool fingers electrify my skin the whole way up,
And your lips hover tauntingly, barely touching mine.

I press forward: fighting my weakening self control.
You manage to keep me at bay with a tender hand
Placed with fingers spread at the base of my neck.
Forward: intensified; unable to contain, but you refrain.

You come on stronger and increasingly stronger, resisting control.
I let loose and move with you. Your lips guide me and I fall in:
Into your warmth. Our legs tangle together naturally, and the kiss
Takes over. We are pulling each other close; trying to become one.

I feel your steady hand begin to tremble and I rush in.
Suddenly: your taste: so familiar, yet breathtakingly fresh;
Satisfying; yet never enough so to allow me to pull away.
I press harder and your hand gives, moving to pull me close.

We become animals driven by love and the other's amorous lips.
Kissing deep and intently with excitement for the exploration.
Your hands cradle the curves of my sides. Mine fly along your body,
Leaving red claw marks where my nails dig into your skin intensely.

The cold slips from my body as your arms encircle me with love.
Our minds stop shouting and begin to whisper; quieter, nothing:
Replaced by the easy nature of following passion and instinct,
The world slips away with any trace of conscientious thought.

A new and sensual taste engulfs my curiosity: a sweet metallic rust.
I taste the blood on your lips and realize that I am drawing it.
I oddly covet the sweetness of this vulnerable new sensation.
I run the tip of my tongue along the edge of your lip and take you in.

A sound uttered almost completely silent from my bloodied lips:
A cry, so slight in its nature, and unintentional in its occurrence.
The taste of you was so wonderful and new that I set myself free;
Sailing this sea of lust, finding myself lost within a powerful gust.

Gently I slow down and loosen my hold on you ever so gradually.
I let you pull away, withdrawing my teeth from your punctured lip.
The intensity never falters, but moves from our bodies to our minds.
Deep brown eyes flutter open and watch my own with guilty innocence.

Your hand with delicate fingers reaches up to cradle my face with care.
Slowly the tips of these fingers mercifully trace the precise line of my jaw.
A wordless communication passes from your understanding eyes unto mine,
Slowly your other hand draws me in again; our foreheads come together.

Closing now, my eyelashes brush against yours and I nuzzle your face clemently.
You bring one of your hands to lie on top of my hand resting on your cheek.
I cradle it with the most compassionate embrace. I watch you study me.
Your loving gaze is unparalleled by any set of eyes to have graced me before.

The author's comments:
A two tone poem rotating between two speakers for every other stanza. I wanted to experiment with something new for the dynamics and effect of the piece.

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on Mar. 4 2013 at 1:03 pm
SuNshiNe007 ELITE, Magee Ms., Mississippi
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This is amazing! :) I LOVE it! Great job Zoe. Its been a whilesince Ive read your work and I am sorry been super busy. Nice to see something new on here. Nice experiment! Keep it up!!