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Doors and locks

February 21, 2013
By reblep GOLD, Chester, Connecticut
reblep GOLD, Chester, Connecticut
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Doors held me back

Wood and iron
Locks and keys
My heart was weary, as it held me

I Kept my thoughts buried inside
Under smiles and tears, and laughs and fears
All the wonders, on my mind,
I had no choice but to hide

Bottled up, tied so tight
Shielded from, everyday light
The truth, it sticks to me like honey
For my fears and anger, hold me back

Like doors of wood and iron
Locked with keys and smarts
The truths I hold deep inside
Are better unspoken

For the hurt they wrought

The belief needed
To see what I see
And feel how I feel

It troubles me.

The waters threaten to break it down
The dam my heart has surely found
My words will pour
And break you down
In this world of hurt and tears

The door has broken
Leaving splinters
Sharp and ready, aiming at you
My words uneasily stumbled upon
As I look deep inside, those hurtful eyes

You knocked me down
While I tried to get up
Pushing me, with cold hands
And frozen looks, a hatred I felt flickering inside
A fire ready to ignite your bones

Words burst into flames
Red hot on my stricken face
And you didn’t care
You hurt me so
You didn’t care, but I couldn’t let go

My mistakes
They haunt me
Come to life from an unforgotten grave
Once again alive, full of hurt and unspoken truths

What we never were
What we will never be

Doors and locks
And keys of steel
I will forever be haunted
Held back by the everyday
Fear and hurt
from deep inside of you.

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