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"I Stand"

April 16, 2013
By Positivity_At_Its_Finest DIAMOND, Morrow, Georgia
Positivity_At_Its_Finest DIAMOND, Morrow, Georgia
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Life is a stage, get on it and perform your best act.

I stand for happiness,
not sadness. I stand for
good, not evil. I stand
for health, not sickness.
I stand for passing, not
failing. I stand for a
smile, not a frown. I
stand for the truth, not
a lie. I stand for real,
not fake.

In the summertime, I stand
for the AC. When I'm hungry,
I stand for fried chicken.
When I'm thirsty, I stand
for a glass of water. When
I'm bored, I stand for a
girls' night out. In the
winter time, I stand for a
warm jacket. When it's dark,
I stand for a flash light.

I stand for things that aren't
harsh and cruel, but gentle and
sweet. I stand for lovers, not
haters. I stand for hard workers,
not lazy bums. I stand for short
and simple, not long and hard.

I stand for things that don't
make life harder than it has
to be. Maybe if we all did the
same, the world would be at ease.

The author's comments:
I did this in 9th grade for a county-wide contest.

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