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They Look Like Ants From Here

May 25, 2013
By Angelou GOLD, Pointe Claire, Other
Angelou GOLD, Pointe Claire, Other
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They look like ants from here that's what she says,
She says they're all ants
And we watch them from the window
All these flaky silhouettes
They move like scratches on old film
Jump from place to
Place, land like dust on
Forgotten things

They're all too far to even matter she says,
And the ants they scatter and they ebb
In and out of our view from the 15th floor.
And if we opened the window or stepped out the door
We could be with them, but they
Wouldn't hear us even if we screamed
Wouldn't see us even if we
flailed our arms like wild,
Wouldn't care even if we threw ourselves
And rushed down to join them
Landing in the midst of all the blur

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