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Konrad and I

August 2, 2013
By Sharon.Sturnfield GOLD, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Sharon.Sturnfield GOLD, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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“I can’t even feel the world,” he says to me.
“It’s okay,” I laughed,
“I forgot you were next to me.”
“Rad,” I began, slowly,

“We’re like a pair of Converse with no laces
We converse with happy faces
Our canvas tongues outstretched like little kids
Questioning the world beneath our kicks
Our bodies steady sprinting cos we refuse to linger
You’re just a singer, moving faster than life deems
And all I am is words etched into the seams
Words fade from sneakers, but laughter-liquor is clear

And we drink it in despite the dear
Of tripping on our unprotected heels,
Uncensored DMT or the acid that we feel
Breeding in us and taking us back

Back to when we were scared of nights without light
Before we knew our left from our right
Cos we want a fix, we don’t want a fight
We want to hold it, feel it, be near it

We’re steady searching
For the freedom to be released
For the freedom to be us
And more than us
And more than drugs
And more than lust

But how do we stop screaming?
And when do we stop singing
To let our silence show the world
They’ve done enough?
How do you tell someone you love
The potency is too much?

This isn’t just a trip anymore
Our souls are ripping
Konrad, life’s given us too much.”

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