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Wave Goodbye

August 26, 2013
By LinaA GOLD, Zarqa, Arizona
LinaA GOLD, Zarqa, Arizona
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Get busy living, or get busy dying- Stephan King

When you open the faucet of love
for them to wash away their self hate,
and you watch yourself empty
and disappear in time's drain
and wave goodbye.

When you fill your palms with grain
harvested from your heart's fields
to feed their hungry souls,
and they scoff at your honest offering with disdain,
and wave goodbye.

When you wake up hours before dawn,
to watch their loyalty and love rise in the horizon,
only to realize,
the sun you await has risen long ago,
but in another sky,
and wave goodbye.

When you bury their shortcomings,
and fling their mistakes
in the breeze of forgiveness out of love,
while they search the junkyard of the past
for something, anything they can blame you of,
and wave goodbye.

When you burn out lighting their nights,
to be left drowning in the darkness of doubts,
when you wither shading them all day,
and watch your vibrant green leaves fade,
and wave goodbye.

When you build from your sacrifices a ladder
for them to climb their dreams,
and they climb higher and higher,
then forget you when they reach the top,
and wave goodbye.

When you lose your voice,
from singing them notes of friendship,
and they reply with a song of farewell,
when loneliness haunts the rooms of your soul,
and all you seek is a warm smile of honesty,
but all you find is the coldness
of personal gains and selfishness,
and wave goodbye.

When you search and search for them,
but never find them,
take this blessing to find yourself instead.
Do not hate them for what they've done and said,
And when you've finally waved goodbye,
don't regret all you've done for them.
Be proud,
that you were, and always will be human.
Be proud,
that you have a heart among those who don't.

The author's comments:
I think we've all experienced what its like to give and give and get nothing but ungratefulness in return. That doesn't mean we let these people scar us and keep us from trusting and giving

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