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during nightmusic

April 13, 2014
By Amsterdamsel DIAMOND, Henderson , Nevada
Amsterdamsel DIAMOND, Henderson , Nevada
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he fumbles for her pills and knocks them all over the floor
reaching to pick them up
he can't find where
his fingers have fallen off across
the floor all over the floor like
marbles in every different direction
or rabbits scattering
from barking hounds
while nightmusic is pounding in
everyone's eardrums
her body rolls and flops like
a dead horse
but he holds up her
gurgling throat
as his hands rub together to create fire
sparks of flame
flicker through her teeth
prescription glass shatters inside her
swallowed blood gathers between them
they lied again to their mothers
his mouth murmurs things like
how she stretches and purrs like a kitty cat
you can play piano with her bones
and lick prescriptions off her ribs
all night they sat in the monster's mouth
as water flowed through her organs
he asks her about this
she answers with that
as nightmusic plays in the bathtub
under the bubbles
mermaids tell her to pop pills to
forget he pops pills to
forget she pops pills to
help him forget why
they pop pills
nightmusic makes me
makes me want to
nightmusic makes me want to live forever
nightmusic has made them deaf

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