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Stuck In The Dark

June 15, 2014
By Natasha1994 SILVER, Arizona City, Arizona
Natasha1994 SILVER, Arizona City, Arizona
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I see you hiding

Why don't you come to the light

We can save you from the demon that's inside

You came to the light once

But after nine months

You decided to take the wrong path

The same path that destroyed you in your past

I see you hiding in the closet

So no one know how much you lost it

You can keep telling us you didn't fall

But i know that's false

How could you go to the dark

When you have a live and a part in this world

Your kids think you are rising to good

But you are actually rising to hell

You need to think about the ones that love you

So you can come over the temptation of the dark that will use you

Please come take my hand and live the life

That has a lot of light.

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