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December 5, 2014
By Alia_Tan GOLD, Elk Grove, California
Alia_Tan GOLD, Elk Grove, California
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"I gotta right to sing the blues/
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I gotta right to sit and cry" From "I gotta right to sing the blues" By Louis Armstrong

There is something I never speak of
Behind these solid eyes
Behind these serene colors
Where shadows cross my path

When at first you found me
I was trying to be one
With the earth I came from
Dying to be won

You molded me and smiled
Buttons ‘pearing as you paired
New senses in my eyes and nose
Something I never had

And even with a hat on top
The best is unforeseen
For now you’ll know it was not show
That made such joy surreal

A scarf so warmly wrapped around
So soft and with a gem
Engraved in it, seeped into my heart
Engraved in it was “friend”.

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