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The Music Inside

February 21, 2015
By WriterOfTheFuture BRONZE, Jefferson, Massachusetts
WriterOfTheFuture BRONZE, Jefferson, Massachusetts
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Whenever I hear the BANG! BANG! of drums,
a flame in my soul glows.
Blues, Country, Pop,
all of them inside me I can’t stop.
It helps me relieve stress within.
What will happen next?
What was the artist trying to convey?
How did he get over it?
All things that when I listen to it,
my brain automatically thinks.
I never would have thought something would have such an impact on life,
but I don’t know what I would do without it to be precise.
Its someone I can talk to without words.
It helps heal me when broken inside.
Fixing me one song at a time.

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Balomew BRONZE said...
on Jun. 10 2015 at 10:34 pm
Balomew BRONZE, Union, Maine
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Music is more than a play on words. It tugs at the heartstrings, experiments with our emotions. Words are the same. You whisper words to your loved ones. Most of us don't think about the impact it has on us. The same is so for music. In the end.. I think that, out of all the people that search for the meaning of music and why it impacts us so hard, they can never find the complete meaning. It's a secret of the universe. It's more than a means of communication, like words.. and creative writing goes beyond a "means of communication." I'm not sure - I'm just certain that the depth behind music will always be a mystery to us, just as we wonder how it is that writing can affect us similarly. What makes it so that this art is more than spoken words, text on a page, paint on a canvas? There's something there that we'll probably never find ..It's beautiful, isn't it?