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The Comatose

March 17, 2015
By simplyinferior GOLD, Ottawa, Illinois
simplyinferior GOLD, Ottawa, Illinois
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A porcaline doll

of petrified glass limbs

Haunting those passersby through memories

like a ghost; but within.

And stuck in between time,

and death

is the slave of sleep

Only kept alive by those memories.

Perhaps an angel who's lost their way

or the skipping child not following rainbows,

but chasing hurricanes.

The Weatherman's predictions

a mere gamble to come true

of this mercurial affliction:

an image already painted blue

The author's comments:

Like the title states, this poem is about someone in a coma. If you've ever witnessed someone in a coma, they resemble fragile dolls that haunt their loved ones because their loved ones have no idea when they will wake up or what's going on. That's the beauty and mystery of this poem, in my opinion. No one knows what happens to people when they are in a coma, or if they will ever wake up. 

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