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April 17, 2015
By ApatheticSincerities BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
ApatheticSincerities BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Try one time, twice, thrice to redeem for the mistakes and pain,
Four just to take your turn, five to wishing things were gonna stay the same,
Six for all the good times, seven for all the attempts to crawl out of the abyss in vain,
Maybe even eight, to get your dose of the coveted pill called fame,
We’re still barely alive, inside the cesspool of betrayal and hate,
Now I’m trying the ninth, the biggest attempt at glory and valor to date,
Try for tenth, it’s only one obstacle course that we have left to beat,
Back me up on the eleventh, dash for the finish though you’re already effete,
By the twelfth we made it out alive, beaten, tired, and a little bit bent,
Now they wanna take our lives, reality strikes at what you meant,
When you said: “They maim and deprive, threw the spear and through your heart it went”,
All of my sins and little to no time, slim to none chances of being able to repent,
But I’m telling you, for stealing your life they’re gonna pay for that,
Tie them tight not loose, and lay them down on the track,
In this fight I’ll prove, that your memory will never fade to black,
Now on the earth there’s two, spots where the ground was dug up and put in again packed,
Now you can come back anew, without taking the risk of being attacked,
So, try again, for all the lost souls, try for the thirteenth,
But don’t die again, or you’ll be eternally inanimate, laid down deep under six feet…

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on Apr. 27 2015 at 10:18 am
WordReveler BRONZE, N/A, Washington
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It's great, it has a steady beat, and a regular rhythm. I like it. ALthough I'm a little unclear on what it is about. Keep up the good work!!